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Natural wood sheds built from raw solid wood boards that are good for your health

According to EPA High concentrations of formaldehide may trigger attacks in people with asthma. There is evidence that some people can develop sensitivity to formaldehyde used in plywood producs. It has also been shown to cause cancer in animals and may cause cancer in humans.

Protect your loved ones. Buy a shed made of natural wood.

Solid Build wooden sheds
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Toxic building materials
Toxic Building Materials

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Easy to assemble wooden shed kit, delivered to your door

Wooden Kit

We really love how the shed turned out and had a lot of fun with the entire project. It was not hard to put it together and you didn't have to be an engineer to do it. The instructions are good, illustrations clear and all the pieces and parts arrived safely.
Ronald, Columbia, SC

Cozy finished interior right out of the box
European craftsmanship with a beautiful interior.

Cozy Finished Shed Interior
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