• Double window

    Double window

    Add more light! Make your natural wood shed even cozier. This Tilt & Turn window has 2 opening positions, you can swing-open it or tilt it. Both panels are operated individually, and they open to the inside of the shed, so you can install window screens...

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  • Modern window add-on

    Add- on modern window

    More light for your modern shed. This window is a perfect match for Moderna and Moderna 2 contemporary shed models but will fit on any of our shed kits. You can decide on the add-on window placement yourself - it can sit in the center, or on the side,...

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  • Veranda deck

    Veranda deck

    Complete your shed! With this little deck and fence unit your shed will definitely stand out from the crowd. The deck & fence kit fits any 10' to 13' wide sheds by omitting decking boards and shortening the floor joists which is super easy! Have...

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  • Flower box for double window

    Double window flower box real

    Make it personal! This flower box with the flowers will make your shed look more joyful and demonstrate what a wonderful gardener you are! There is no chance that your flowers will get unnoticed. Have questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us via...

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  • Window shutters for double window

    Double windows shutters with flower box

    Decorate and protect! If you are storing valuable belongings, or maybe want to winterize your shed or cabin, the window shutters will add an additional layer of privacy and security, or a stylish decoration. Fits any double window. Looking for shutters...

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Easy to install add-on accessories for prefab outdoor wood shed kits. Add more character to your garden shed or storage shed.

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