Storage sheds

  • Optima 12 x 12 storage shed

    Opima 12 x 12 storage shed visualization 1

    A wooden storage shed kit Optima 12 offers a good amount of space for your project. Even though it falls under a storage shed category due to its minimalist design, this natural wood shed is perfect for a home office or workshop. Customize your outside...

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  • Optima 8 x 8 storage shed

    Optima 8 storage shed kit visualization 1

    This smaller, more affordable, solid wood storage shed kit is great for lawn equipment and tools, or as a potting shed. The workmanship of this storage shed makes for a strong and long lasting structure, while beautiful wood boards radiate natural charm...

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  • Gardener 10 x 10 storage shed

    Gardener storage shed kit
    $3,995.00 $2,995.00

    An elegant and practical wooden shed kit that offers enough room for storage or your favorite leisure activities. This practical yet decorative garden shed will sure make your neighbors envy. The decent size and double door make this shed practical and...

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  • Douglas 10 x 8 garden shed

    Douglas garden shed visualization

    A premium garden shed kit featuring wide double door and finished interior. The tempered glass panels provide enough light to make for a comfortable work space or a sweet little playhouse, or storing your garden or pool equipment. Whatever you decide to...

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  • Optima 10 x 10 storage shed

    Optima 10 storage shed

    Nice look, right size and fair price makes this wooden storage shed the optimal solution for your outdoor building needs. If you are not planning to store tractors or lawnmowers, a single door design looks very attractive. A solid door will keep your...

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Wooden storage sheds featuring finished interior and classic design. It's more than a just a storage shed! An additional space for your pottery studio, home office, yard storage and more!

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