Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to assemble a garden shed by myself?

Building your log cabin is easier than you think. Detailed instructions accompany each kit. Piece by piece the components fit together to create a cabin that is at once appealing and durable. The result is a DIY job to be proud of. Please visit our garden shed kit assembly video library for more details.

How long will it take to assemble a shed kit?

It depends on the size of the shed, but usually it takes one day to build a 10’ x 10’ kit.

What is included in the kitf?

Solid Build wooden shed kit includes wall and roof components, tempered glass doors and windows, all door and window hardware plus extra boards, floor panels and trim parts. Everything except foundation materials and roof shingles are provided.

Do I need a permit to build my shed?

Permit requirements vary from county to county and even town to town. Please make sure to contact your local building department to find out whether a wooden shed requires a building permit in your area. Please contact us if you are asked for any specific information needed to receive the building permit.

What kind of foundation is recommended for a wooden shed?

A firm, level base is essential. Concrete slab or compressed gravel foundation work the best. Another great and popular option is treated wood grid foundation which can be formed directly on the ground and filled with gravel, or raised on concrete piers if the soil in your area is soft. The shed can also be assembled on patio stones, super spikes, or cinder blocks that are placed under floor joists, however, these options are most suitable for warmer climates with little precipitation and firm level ground.

What type of roofing is recommended for a wooden shed?

A roofing felt and shingles or metal roof is a great option. We mostly see people use same roofing material that's on their house, to match the looks. The roofing material selection is very broad and mostly depends on your taste and budget. Synthetic shingles are the most budget friendly and very easy to install yourself. Metal roofing (with some insulation under) is a great option for hot areas as it helps to reflect the heat better. If possible, we do encourage you to choose a nature-friendly option, such as recycled shingles.

Can Solid Build wooden sheds be insulated?

The answer is complex. As is, our sheds come with single pane glass in windows and doors. So wall insulation will not be as efficient as it could be. However, we do advice to insulate roof and floor to keep the shed from overheating or overcooling in winter. It can be done by installing a subfloor and stuffing the space between the floor joists with insulation material of choice. For the roof, form a 2x2 grid on top of the roofboards and fill insulation material, then cover with any other wood boards or plywood and install the roofing. Solid Build garden sheds are performing well as a tiny house or home office in the temperatures as low as 40s with a space heater. We have customer who use them all year round in Northern California. However, the in areas with deep winters it's best for a 3-season use. If you love our designs and want an insulation-ready building, contact us about a custom order.

What are Solid Build wooden shed kits made out of?

These sheds are made out of solid 2″ tongue and groove Northern Spruce milled logs. Thick logs and reinforced roof structures allow these sheds to withstand the harshest weather conditions. We do not use any harmful chemicals or glue for processing our lumber and meet all requirements for children and adult safe materials for the state of California and further.

Do you make custom garden sheds or cabins?

Yes. We can make anything up to the size of 20' x 20', larger projects are also possible but are more complex. All of the custom sheds and cabins are made from thicked boards - 1 1/4" (44mm) instead of a standart 1 1/8" or 1 3/8" ( 28mm or 34mm respectively). You can combine different elements you see on our stock models and let us know what you like. Ideally, make a hand sketch and send us a photo of that for them most accurate estimate. Custom order queue is typically about 2 - 3 months from the time the oerder gets placed. Contact us!

Can the cabins be moved after assembly?

Yes. Some of the smaller cabins can be moved, however, we do not recommend moving cabins larger than the 13′x13′ model.

How do I treat and care for my wooden garden shed?

Solid Build sheds are made out of 100% natural wood and therefore, need to be treated just like any other wooden product. It is very important to apply wood sealant of your choice as soon as you erect your shed. By doing so, you will prevent discoloration caused by sun and possible water damage. Please maintain your cabin properly and it will surely keep its original appeal for many years to come