Garden sheds

  • Bristhol 13 x 11 garden shed

    Bristhol garden shed kit front
    $6,895.00 $5,995.00

    This premium wood garden shed (can we still call it a shed?) features tall windows and French door. It is made of 1 3/8" thick solid wood boards with double tongue and groove, making this garden shed sturdy and handsome at the same time. This shed kit...

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  • Brightoln 10 x 10 garden shed

    Brightoln garden shed for playhouse, home office, art studio, storage
    $5,990.00 $4,995.00

    One of the most popular garden sheds is the Brightoln. This top quality shed kit features cozy finished interior and extra large glass door and windows that let in plenty of light and create a great area for crafting or other hobbies. Because of greater...

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  • Whales 10 x 10 garden shed

    Whales garden shed 10x10 front view, 80 sq ft
    $5,995.00 $4,995.00

    This wooden garden shed kit is one of our most popular products. No one can resist it's charming look. The Whales garden shed is equipped with large doors for easy access, two functional windows to let in a lot of sunlight, and a long canopy perfect for...

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  • Aspen 12 x 10 garden shed

    Aspen garden shed kit, 103 sq ft
    $5,985.00 $5,195.00

    A cottage-like garden shed designed to complement your garden and offer extra living space. Beautiful natural wood, finished interior and windows, paired with a great size make this a perfect shed for a guest bedroom, playhouse, or a home office shed...

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  • Douglas 10 x 8 garden shed

    Douglas garden shed front  view

    A premium garden shed kit, made thicker boards, and complete with the T&G floor. It features finished interior and wide, half-glazed double door with that provide enough light to make for a comfortable work space, a sweet little playhouse, or storing...

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Natural wood garden shed kits featuring finished interior and beautiful design. Choose a wooden shed for your home office, art studio, guest house, she shed or any other project! It's more than just a shed.

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