Warranty policy

The Norway spruce tree is very famous for it’s’ durability.  It is not pine!  It was and continues to be one of the main building materials in Northern Europe.  The Scandinavians used it to build their wooden ships hundreds of years ago.  Also, there are buildings still standing and being used that are 200 – 300 years old.  Since we started to use milled logs for our products about 30 years ago, we don’t know how long they will last, but we do know that most of them are still standing and are in great condition.


Even though the Norway spruce can withstand very harsh and sever climates, it is a natural wood product that needs to be protected.  When it is assemble correctly and on a solid level foundation, painted and/or stained, and there are no roof leaks, there is no expiration date as to how long it will last.  Obviously it needs to be re-painted or re-stained every 5 – 10 years and perhaps re-shingled every 30 years.  If the shed or cabin sits on an unstable and uneven foundation, is not protected from nature’s forces, and is leaking, it will start to change colors.  Some boards might also start warping in some areas and the doors might not close properly. It will withstand much more than any other similar shed, but the natural weathering might not look as nice.


This is the reason why we are offering a 1 year limited warranty for a “kit” and 5 year warranty if we are assembling it ourselves. (Please note, assembly is offered only within a specific area from our warehouses).



Replacement Parts


If you receive your shed or cabin with some damaged parts, please contact us at

(800) - 590-2508.  If you noticed the damaged part while unloading it from the truck, please make a note on the BOL shipping form before you sign for it.  We are including some extra boards in every kit to make sure that if some part is broken, it will not hold you up while you wait for a replacement part.


Also, please keep in mind the natural characteristics of “raw wood”.  Sometimes some boards, especially if you live in “hot climates”, might develop cracks or resins.  Over time, this is the natural occurrence and appeal of real wood.  It’s not that the wood is bad, broken or of poor quality, rather, it is the real result of nature with wood showing its’ own character.