An Ideal Art Studio in a Shed Kit

In a world where fewer and fewer of what we use is made by our hands, art making keeps that creative and functional relationship between product and us alive. For many artists, especially those just beginning, finding a space to work can be hard and sometimes impossible. Alternative structures are becoming the solution for many people.

Creating a Space for an Art Studio

As most artists can agree, art making can often be a toxic, messy process. Ventilation is very important for you and your loved ones’ health. Being able to work in a space that does not require immediate clean up and can be permanently used for art is very appealing to artists. Art making requires complete dedication and many artists have found that art can take over their entire homes and lives. To prevent this from happening and living a healthy domestic life, outdoor studios are a great solution and will free up space inside the home.

Art studios can be very expensive to rent and also inconvenient. Why give a chunk of your hard-earned money for a temporary solution? If you have a lot where you can build your own studio, you will find yourself saving a lot of money and hassle. For a couple months of studio rent you can have yourself a permanent, independent studio space.

Making art takes a lot of concentration and a quiet place to work is essential for successful art making. Work from home can be hard because there are so many distractions prying you away from your work. As you make art at home, while cooking dinner, while checking your email, while doing laundry! You find yourself making unfinished art, and missing important tasks, like paying bills on time. Separating the two worlds is a good way to find success and balance.

Having an area designated purely for creating art is essential for productivity and quality. Once you are in your studio, there is nothing that can distract you. Everyone knows that there is a certain amount of time you will be in your studio and that you have to be left alone from distractions. You leave your phone, your computer and your television at home. All these devices have no power over what you produce. Can you imagine Leonardo da Vinci never becoming famous because he spends all his time texting his "bff" instead of finishing his next sketch? Or Picasso reading up on “Worst Dressed at the Oscars” right before he enters a new color phase? Good art making is not a byproduct of our daily life, it is a message that the artist wants to share with the world. Setting aside a special place where you can focus on your craft is the only way to be a leading artist.

In the outdoors, you are in a space where everything concerns and enhances your art process. You know that how you leave everything, that is how you will find it. Solid Build’s sheds lock to keep all your things and pieces safe.

Having a studio away from your home will also clean up your house from art mess and help keep you organized.

Most artist are inspired by nature in one way or another. There are often blocks of creativity that artists feel when they are dissatisfied with their products for a period of time. Much of this creative block can be resolved by placing your studio in a beautiful location where nature’s beauty drips from your finger tips.

You have many options for designing your ideal work space. Many different studio structures are available. Varying in size and design to fit any artist’s needs. You can choose the amount of light and even the sun angle, by where you place your building.

Art can be stored in the studio freeing up space inside. Solid Build offers many varieties of garden shed kits. Two rooms structures are often used as a workshop and for storage. Another benefit of having a garden shed studio is that there will be no need to move things around when visitors come. Customers interested in your art can come to the studio and check it out without having to enter your house. This is a huge benefit to the majority of artists who always struggle with organization both at home and in the studio.

Most importantly, outdoor studio will enhance your daily life, your bank account and make you better artists, all while listening to the birds chirp.