Gardener 10 x 10 storage shed

81.00 LBS
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AVAILABLE NOW! An elegant and practical wooden shed kit that offers enough room for storage or your favorite leisure activities. This practical yet decorative garden shed will sure make your neighbors envy.

Excellent size and double door make this shed practical and nice to look at. Like every SolidBuild™ shed, it comes with the best quality hand-selected materials and the highest attention to detail. No matter what you use this shed for, it will surely look beautiful.


  • 81 sq ft area;
  • 52" double door with double-pane glass;
  • The removable grille on the door windows;
  • Solid wood construction;

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We donate 25 trees in your name to the Cauvery Calling movement for each purchase made.

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81.00 LBS
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Wood type:
All natural tongue and grove Norway spruce solid wood
Wall thickness:
1 1/8" (28mm) T&G
3/4" T&G Norway Spruce
Outside size:
9'9" x 9'9"
Inside size:
9' x 9'
Recommended foundation:
9'3" x 9'3"
Height of the wall:
Height overall:
7' 8"
Roof slope:
Roof load rating:
24 lbs/sq ft
Roof area:
109 sq ft
UPDATED! Double doors:
4'3" x 6' with double pane glass
Compatible accessories:
Double window, modern window
Package size:
11' x 4' x 2'
Package weight:
1290 lb (see shipping instructions)
Roof boards, fascia boards, nails & screws, door hardware
Not included:
Floor joists, floor boards, roofing shingles
Before making a purchase, check with your local county office, you may need a permit.
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Benefits and features of our sheds

Sheds with finished interior

No other shed company can offer a better interior than we do. The inside of your shed comes finished with smooth milled wood and smells amazing. No drywall, plywood or other hassle!

Stain your shed for a splash of color, or white-wash for a modern designer look. Move in the same day, and turn it into a garden shed, home office, workshop, playhouse, art studio or anything you can dream about.


Beautiful shed design

Designed and crafted in Europe, these cute sheds will stand out from the crowd. Highest attention to detail and high-quality hardware offers excellent performance and great look.

All doors come with lock and key, and feature alluminum treshold. Most windows have 2 opening positions for easy operation. Cozy up in the most beautiful shed in the neighborhood!

Easy to assemble DIY shed kit

All our models are designed as do-it-yourself shed kits with easy to follow manuals and step-by-step video instructions - it s not just easy but also a very enjoyable DIY project.

If You can assemble Scandinavian future you will have no problem building this shed. Only basic tools are needed and it takes one day to put together a gorgeous natural wood 1010 shed kit.

Easy and fun to assemble
Long lasting

Long lasting wood garden sheds

We use only FSC certified Norway Spruce lumber which is well-known for its durability and strength compared to Southern Buildings around Eastern Europe and Scandinavia made from this wood are still standing 200 years later.

We use only FSC certified Norway Spruce lumber which is well-known for its durability and strength compared to Southern Buildings around Eastern Europe and Scandinavia made from this wood are still standing 200 years later.

More than 100 thousand sheds sold

Our family-owned mill is located in the heart of Lithuania, and has been operating since 1996, manufacturing beautifull sheds, cabins, pool houses and other storage and alternative living solutions for customers all around Europe and Scandinavia. We have manufactured more than 100 thousand wooden outdoor sheds and cabins.

In 2009 we introduced our quality sheds to the US where our customers continue to appreciate the superior craftsmanship and great design.

More than 100 000 sold

Healthy & environmentally friendly sheds

Our shed kits are made of 100% natural, FSC certified wood, and are not treated with any toxic preservatives. The majority of shed makers use engineered wood materials that contain huge concentrations of formaldehyde and are toxic to you and the environment.

It takes approXimately one mature tree to make a 10'x10' shed. To offset the impact, we give 25 times more to nature by planting 25 traces in your name for each purchase

Benefits and features of our sheds

  • Most popular shed uses
  • Sheds with finished interior
  • Beautiful shed design
  • Easy to assemble DIY shed kit
  • Long lasting wood garden sheds
  • More than 100 thousand sheds sold
  • Healthy & environmentally friendly sheds
  • Measurements & technical info

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