Custom Garden Shed Order Calculator

Please enter the desired custom shed kit dimensions and other elements to get an approximate cost of your project.

All custom sheds are made of thicker wood - 1 3/4" vs the stock models measuring at 1 1/8" or 1 3/8". It may be more illustrative in metric - 44mm vs 28 mm & 34 mm.

Custom shed kits will come with floor kit, treated floor joists (not a foundation), roof boards (not roofing materials), all hardware, and steel corner rods that will lock the shed constructions inside through the boards, instead of the external wooden corner suds used for stock units.

Time of delivery will depend on the number of custom orders received. We normally delivery them a few times a year, around March , July, and October.

*Depending on the size and complexity of your shed, we may not be able to offer free shipping.

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